Human health, animal health and food industry

DAO Dietary Ingredient

Manufacturing for third parties

As leaders in DAO technology, we market two variants of the DAO dietary ingredient, under the trade name of adiDAO®.


This dietary  ingredient is suitable for the formulation of Dietary supplements, or for addition to solid or liquid food matrices and is intended to help support normal DAO levels which regulates the effect of ingested histamine.

Thanks to ceaseless research in the extraction and purification of the enzyme, our dietary ingredient DAO has greater enzymatic activity and stability than competitive DAO extracts. *Data available upon request under confidentiality. Research conducted by an external, independent, and certified laboratory. 

Therefore, we are pioneers in understanding Diamine Oxidase and are backed by 15+ years of research and development. We have a specific food GMP-compliant enzymatic facility for the exclusive production of the dietary ingredient of animal- and vegetable- origin DAO, with physically separated production units.

Patent leaders

Our 100+ patents guarantee that customers receive the necessary protection in the commercialization of end products containing the DAO enzyme, granting them a unique legal protection no other supplier can offer.

DR Healthcare is world leader in DAO technology with more than 100 Industrial Property patents worldwide.

DR Healthcare’s DAO Industrial Property Covers the use and application of DAO supplementation in the management of DAO Deficiency and related conditions.

Customized solutions

DR Healthcare stands out as a leading company in the production of Diamine Oxidase, which allows us to offer tailor-made solutions not only for use in human dietary supplements but also for use in the food industry.

Food regulatory authorities such as EFSA have repeatedly drawn attention to the sensitivity of a percentage of the general population to high histamine content in the diet. DR Healthcare DAO supplements are intended to help this particularly sensitive population group.